Newborns, babies, children, tweens and maternity are my areas of focus. Photography sessions take place on location using natural light, or in my studio in Eugene, Oregon.

The days can seem long during the first few weeks of your newborn's life, yet those amazing moments are short and gone before you can hold the memory. A beautiful custom portrait capturing this precious time becomes an heirloom passed on for years to come.

First smiles, toe grabbing and wobbly steps are all part of a baby's first year and just some of the moments to cherish and capture in a portrait.

Children and Teens
From toddler to teens is a busy time, with personalities seeming to change like the weather. Photographing your child's personality with beautiful honest expressions holds the memory forever.

An intimate and remarkable time when women are present with their bodies in a very unique way. My focus is to create sensitive artistic photographs that reveal the beautiful form of the pregnant body and the individual connection women have to their child.